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LED Drivers Covert Science develops ultra flat and flexible LED drivers for high power LED lighting. We are able to offer qualified industrial products with MHz switching frequency, high reliability, 0 to 100% digitally controlled dimming range, hundreds of watts in output power, and form factors as thin as 2 mm. 1. LED Drivers LED Optics Covert Science offers design, development and manufacturing of LED optics, as well as other optical elements. We have an extensive network of manufacturing partners with expertise in optical molding and prototyping and are thus able to offer a complete service from design to prototyping to production. 2. LED Optics Embedded Firmware Covert Science develops embedded firmware for lighting control as well as for digital power conversion. We can offer our customers solutions for DMX/RDM, DALI, sACN, Art-Net and other lighting control protocols. These solutions can be integrated with our microprocessor based digital power control techniques as well. 3. Embedded Firmware
Thermal Solutions Covert Science has extensive expertise in the area of LED cooling, including numerous techniques for optimizing the thermal properties of electronic assemblies. These range from innovative soldering processes to embedding cooling elements in printed circuit boards of various types. 4. LED Thermal
Encapsulation Covert Science offers tested solutions for encapsulation of flexible electronics in optically clear polymers. We can provide integrated processes for the production of ultra-flat electronic products with high long term reliability. We design and test our own optical foils for environmental protection of light sources. 5. Electronic Encapsulation Flexible Electronics Covert Science has done extensive research in the area of flexible electronics as it applies lighting products. We have expertise in numerous techniques for embedding light sources and other electronic components in polymer substrates. 6. Flexible Electronics